Standing Ovation 1.5" Character Shoes

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The Standing Ovation 1.5" Character Shoe has a soft upper with elegant, clean lines a supportive “arch cookie” for enhanced comfort. The firmly attached heel undergoes rigorous stress testing and the Achilles notch prevents heel dig-in when you point.

- Supple 1mm PU upper with smooth folded edge topline
- Tele Tone® toe, Duo Tone heel, or Selva® Staccato® taps are compatible but not attached
- Padded insole with 'arch cookie' support
- Lined with moisture absorbing, brushed microfiber
- Non-slip heel counter features an Achilles notch to release pressure and increase comfort
- 1.5" plastic heel with leather top lift
- Scored leather sole
* Also available in Childrens sizes
* Begin 1/2 size up from street shoe size
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