General terms & conditions

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2. Standing Ovation terms may be changed at anytime without notice.

3. Standing Ovation may be able to delete your account / content.

4. You must not –    

– Use the service in an illegal way or any way that causes it to be interrupted or damaged.    

– Post content that is illegal, abusive, invades privacy or contains a virus.

5. Standing Ovation is not responsible –    

– For any loss of profits, revenue or goodwill you suffer by using Standing Ovation online.    

– For anything a third party does (Someone else’s actions / content).    

– For anything you do (In case you break the law).    

– For any information that is wrong.    

– For transactions between you and sellers.

6. Legal –    

– No guarantee the website will be error free (Viruses / Wrong information / Stops working).